Net metering facility is preferably allowed for 3 phase service consumers. However, Single phase consumers are also eligible for Net Metering on setting up of Solar Roof top systems up to 5 kW. However, the maximum Rooftop Solar PV System capacity to be installed at any Eligible Consumers premises shall be as under:

Sl No. Type of Consumer Maximum allowable Rooftop Solar PV System capacity to be installed
1 Residential and Government 100 % of the consumer's sanctioned load
2 Industrial, Commercial and Other Consumers 80 % of the consumer's sanctioned load

(Note: Rooftop Solar PV System installed capacity shall not be less than 1 kWp and shall not exceed 1 MWp).

Yes, the application is available and can be downloaded from official website of TGSPDCL / Solar Rooftop Net metering.

Yes, an application fee shall be paid in the form of DD in favor of TGSPDCL or Online as per categories as mentioned below:

System size Applicable fee per connection
For all LT consumers Rs.2,500/-
For all HT consumers (11 kV and 33 kV Level and or Installed capacity > 56 kW) Rs.15,000/-

The filled in application along with requisite fee and documents should be submitted at concern CSC/ICSC. And also application can be submitted in online mode duly login to DISCOM website and has to pay the application fee of Rs.2500/- for LT service and Rs.15,000/- for HT service through online payment mode.

1. Current month bill copy.

2. DD Rs.2,500/- for all LT consumers, Rs.15,000/- for all HT consumers in favor of TGSPDCL

3. 2 Nos stamped self addressed envelopes

In addition to above work completion report to be submitted to CSC along with Agreement on Rs. 200/- Non-Judicial Stamp paper. Agreement form can be downloaded from DISCOM website.

The grid connected system of 1 kW peak power capacity occupies about 10 sq. meters on the roof.

For every kW peak power installed on a South facing solar panel, the system will generate around 1000 to 1200 units in a year. This reduces by around 20% for an East or West facing solar panel.

The cost of the system varies with the capacity of the system, which ranges approximately between Rs.40,000, to Rs.60,000 per kWp including subsidy.

Please visit the following website of TSREDCO for details.

Please contact the TSREDCO office address shown below for any subsidies: Regd. Office Cum Corporate Office: D.No. 6-2-910, Visvesvaraya Bhavan, The Institution of Engineers Building, Khairatabad, Hyderabad - 500 004. Telangana State, India

The roof mounted systems do not need any permission.

The minimum capacity allowable is 1 kW and maximum allowable capacity allowed under net metering is 1000 kW

Most roofs are strong enough to take a solar installation without any reinforcement. However, in case of larger systems, it is suggested to obtain the opinion of a qualified Structural Engineer.

Prior permission is to be taken from TGSPDCL to install the SPV system based on net metering.

Permission/Intimation will be issued within 21 days from the date of receipt of proper application.

Please visit the website of TSREDCO for vendors details.

(i) The eligible consumer shall receive a net import/export bill indicating either net export to the grid or net import from the grid.

(ii) In case of net import bill consumer shall settle the same as per existing tariff.

(iii) In case of net export, the net units will be credited to eligible consumers Account (SC.No) which shall be carry forward and adjusted in the next month electricity bill and the eligible consumer will get monthly minimum bill.

(iv) The unadjusted credited units will be settled twice in a year (June & December) with the average cost of power purchase as decided by TSERC for that year. The amount will be adjusted in the next month electricity bill or deposited in the bank account of the Eligible Consumer furnished at the time of filing of the application.

1. For installation capacity upto 75 KW shall be inspected, tested and self certified by the Eligible Consumer with regard to the safety and protection

2. For Rooftop Solar PV System having the capacity in excess of 75 kW shall insure the Rooftop Solar PV system and obtain the certificate from the Chief Electrical Inspector to the Government (CEIG), who shall test and certify the safety and protection.

No, a separate Bi-Directional meter is to be placed duly replacing the existing Energy meter. The rated capacity of Bi-Directional meter is to be as per Eligible consumers sanctioned load/Contracted demand with the DISCOM.

A Know your application status link is provided in the TGSPDCL website under Solar Rooftop Netmetering. You can know the status by entering the unique registration no available in the CSC acknowledgement.

You can send an e-mail to