To know the real time usage and bill amount and to reduce the consumption as per one's affordability to avoid excess billing and disconnection etc. Reduction of unwanted consumption will achieve energy conservation.

Smart Meter is a new kind of electricity meters that can digitally send meter readings to your energy supplier for more accurate energy bills. Smart meters come within home displays so you can better understand your energy usage.

Prepayment mechanism is one of the best features of smart meters and it is a special type of energy meter which can be installed with a prepayment, or pay as you go tariff.You pay for your energy before you use it - usually by paying money through various methods like at TSSPDCL Bill Counters, Online recharge apps (paytm, Bill desk, T-Wallet..Etc) which is then updated in the meters.

These meters are operates based on the amount available at meters.If there is no balance amount in meter then it will disconnects your supply and supply will not be disconnected when there is balance available in the meters.

There are various methods available for checking balance amount in your meters those are

1. By Using the push button on Energy meters

2. By using the CIU (Customer Interface Unit) which was installed at your meter location.

3. By calling to our toll free numbers

4. By using TSSPDCL mobile apps.

To recharge the energy meters you can use the various options as below:

1. Paying at TSSPDCL Collection counters located at all Electricity Revenue offices

2. You can use online mobile recharge applications like Paytm, Bill Desk, T-wallet and TSSPDCL online website /Mobile app.

one year average amount should be the first recharge amount which will be indicated when you login for recharge. It is recommended to deposit higher amounts to enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

(b). Restoration of power after recharge (in case of disconnected supply)?

Within one hour after recharge.

It will be from 1st day of last month to the first day of this month.

One hour. Every one hour, server will collect the consumption from the meter and do all the tariff calculations and update in the meter.

You will get the notifications to your registered mobile number when meter recharge amount exhausted to 80% and one more notification will be received when meter recharge amount exhausted to 90% and Final notification will be received when meters disconnected due to Nil balance.


You may know your balance amount in CIU also by pressing the Button No.1, through meter display, SMS alerts, Web URL, TSSPDCL Prepaid Mobile App.

We have configured the Happy hours (5.30 Pm to 9.30 Am) and holidays of Government of Telangana in our meters so that meters cannot disconnects the power supply during the above mentioned period and Days.

CIU (Customer Interface Unit) is a device which will display the meters parameters automatically or through Push mode. It is located at consumer premises and is wired from meter.

There is keypad and One green color Display available on CIU Unit , On the Keypad below numbers are available 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, # .Below are the keypad Number wise Parameters available on Display:

1. Key 1: Balance mount in meter ( INR)

2. Key 3 : Slab Rate

3. Key 5: Meter Serial Number

4. Key 6 : Active Power in KWs

5. Key 7 : Active MD in KWs

6. Key 8 : Present Month Billing units in KWH/KVAH

7. Key 9 : Cumulative energy units in KWH/KVAH

8. Key 0 : Emergency credit limit Left Time

9. Key # : Balance in Rupees(Updated at every midnight )

10.Key 2 : Inactive

11.Key 4 : Inactive

Tariff as per the Tariff order given by TSERC. Tariff can be accessed through

Recharge, Low balance, Disconnection, Reconnection.

Wait for 15 minutes and thereafter if the power is not resumed, please contact the helpline number

Genus: 1) 040-67355000, 2) 9828023153/9652800036

HPL: 1) 97773790771, 2) 7676118235

Wait for 15 minutes and thereafter if the power is not resumed, please contact the helpline number

Genus: 1) 040-67355000, 2) 9828023153/9652800036

HPL: 1) 97773790771, 2) 7676118235

Nodal Officer / Corporate Office : 9440813946